Guide for passengers

International Arrival Procedures

Leave the plane

Be informed that all international flights arrives to Terminal 1.

After deplaning , follow the signs to proceed to the Passport Control counter.

Tips for a smooth arrival

  • Be advised that all international flights arrives in Terminal 1
  • Pass through the Green Channel if you have no goods to declare.
  • Pass through the Red Channel if you have goods to declare.
  • Hold baggage can be collected in the baggage claim area at baggage caurusel.
  • If you have lost or damaged baggage, contact the handling agent representing your airline

Passport control

Please have your passport ready and enter through right en- trance to the relevant Passport Control Desk to undergo an im- migration inspection.

When the immigration inspection is complete, please proceed to the Baggage Claim Area on the first floor.

Passengers using wheelchairs may use the elevator after Pass port Control Desks.

There are entrances for:

Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passport

  • Name of Desk: Diplomatic

    Desk № 1

Fast Track Service Passengers Passengers with Redused Mobility

  • Name of Desk: Fast Track

    Desk № 2, 3

Azerbaijan Citizens

  • Name of Desk: Azərbaycan Vətəndaşları

    Desk № 2-13

Foreign Citizens

  • Name of Desk: Foreign Citizens

    Desk № 14-22

Migration Service

  • Name of Desk: Migration Service

    Desk № 23

Self Border Gate

  • Name of Desk: Self Border Gate

    Desk № 24, 25 Only for Azebaijan Citizens

Visa to Azerbaijan

E-visas can be obtained at at least 3 (three) working days before their planned date of arrival in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

More about E-visa at

Check whether you need an entry visa at:

Which states citizens can enter to Azerbaijan without visa?


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 days


90 дней


90 days
Which states citizens can get visa upon arrival?

Visitors can apply for visa upon arrival via E-ASAN Self-Desk Kiosk located at arraval hall on the second floor before Passport Control Area.


30 days

Saudi Arabia

30 days


30 days


30 days


30 days


30 days


30 days

South Korea

30 days


30 days


30 days


30 days
The following persons are entitled to get a visa at the international airport of the Republic of Azerbaijan with period of up to 30 days, as shown below:
  • Persons with resident card of the State of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Kuwait accompanying citizen of the country that issued the residence card;
  • Holders of resident visa of the United Arab Emirates with a validity period of more than 6 months;
  • Citizens of the United States of America traveling by New York-Baku direct flight;
  • Persons visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan in the event of death of a family member-resident in the Republic of Azerbaijan (on the basis of document certifying death of a family member);
  • Citizens of foreign countries which have direct air connections with the Republic of Azerbaijan, wherein the diplomatic missions or consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan are not accredited.
Registration upon place of stay
  • Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days should get registered upon place of stay.
  • For the registration foreigner, within 15 days after arrival in the country, should apply via elec- tronic services of the official website of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, e-government portal and e-mail ( or in person to regional migration departments, or “ASAN service” centers.
  • More information at

Baggage reclaim

After Passport Control procced to the baggage claim area, located on the first floor. Check the screens to see which baggage belt is being used for your flight, please check the nearby information displays. There are also free trolleys prepared for you.


Tips for a smooth arrival

Odd-size baggage

Odd-size baggage – like bicycles comes out from a separate room located at the baggage reclaim area, behinds the lifts. All odd-size baggages put down on the special assigned area on the floor.

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Where’s my baggage?

It can sometimes take a while before your baggage appears on the baggage belt. If it doesn’t arrive, please go to Lost & Found desk located behind the lifts.

Using the information display located between 2nd and 3rd Baggage Carousels, choose your preferred means of transportation. Travellers who are transferring to a domestic flight should see this page.

Lost & Found’s contact details

E- mail: Phone: +994 12 497-26-00 ext.: 78-80 Cell: +994 51 235 78 68; +994 50 246 10 69

Customs inspection

If you don’t have anything that must be declared, proceed di- rectly via green channel to meet & greet area.

Tips for a smooth arrival

  • Detailed information regarding items (currency, to- bacco, alcohol, antique, animals and etc) that must be declared or prohibited to import in Azerbaijan you can find at the web-site of State Customs Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan.

Free import by persons of 16 years and older:

  • 200 cigarettes;
  • 1,5 liters of alcoholic beverages;
  • a reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use;
  • goods up to an amount of USD 1,500.- for personal use only (if being younger than 16 years: up to an amount of USD 500.-);
  • personal effects (must be declared on arrival): 20 grams of gold or 0,5 carat diamond fixed in jewellery goods, other precious metals and jewellery: up to USD 1,500.-;
  • up to 30 kilograms food and 125 grams caviar (per month).

Meet & Great Area

After passing through Customs Inspection, proceed to the meet & greet area located in the center of arrival hall, where you friends and relatives wait for you.

Road to the city

Express Bus

Aero Express Line run around the clock. The travel time from the Airport to the last stop is 30 minutes. Travel time may be affected by local conditions and traffic.

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Airport Taxi

Official Taxi: Baku Taxi Service LLC

Operation Area: Baku city and Absheron Peninsula Payment method: Cash and Debet/Credit cards.

You can order Official Taxi at Baku Taxi Service Desk located in Meet & Great Area in Terminal 1.

If you call a taxi at the third-party organizations or through online services, we recommend you to make a call after receiving the baggage.

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