Working hours: 24/7

Parking capacity: over 2 thousand.

In Terminal 1: 835

In Terminal 2: 1166

Parking Fees



First 15 min:


0-2 hours:

 1 AZN

2-4 hours:

  2 AZN

4-6 hours:

 3 AZN

6-8 hours:

 4 AZN

8-10 hours:

 5 AZN

10-12 hours: 

 6 AZN

12-14 hours:

 10 AZN

14-24 hours:

 15 AZN

For each following day:

 +15 AZN

Payment for parking can be made in cash, non-cash or online.

Effective from November 7, 2023.

Online payment

To pay for parking online, visitors can use the Tezöde, AzParkinq and Birbank platforms through their mobile devices.

Payment terminals

There are payment terminals throughout the parking area. These terminals allow payment in both cash (banknotes) and non-cash (bank cards) methods.

Forbidden Vehicles

Vehicles carrying hazardous or unsanitary materials.

Other vehicles that would cause administrative issues if parked here

Fast entry and exit of vehicles

When entering the territory of Heydar Aliyev International Airport, technology for automatically recognizing state registration numbers of vehicles is used. This significantly simplifies the parking process, providing convenient entry and exit of cars.

Passenger drop-off lane (Line 3)

Passengers can be dropped off via this lane within 3 minutes. Parking of vehicles on the passenger drop-off lane is prohibited.

Parking for passengers with disabilities

The parking lot has special spaces for passengers with disabilities. Once you enter the parking lot of both terminals, follow the appropriate signs to find accessible parking spaces.

Rental car parking/Car rental

Private parking is available for rented vehicles. Once you exit the terminal, follow the signs to the designated rental car parking lot.

Return of a rented car

Once you enter the Terminal 1 parking lot, follow the "Car Rental/Return" signs to return your rental car.

Details about rental cars at the airport

Parking for trucks and buses

Trucks can be parked in front of the Freight Terminal, and large buses can be parked in the dedicated bus parking lot. Please note that long-term parking spaces are not provided for both categories of vehicles.

* We strive to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers. However, due to various factors, including external conditions and actions of third parties, we advise all passengers to take necessary precautions and ensure the safety of their property. Heydar Aliyev International Airport is not responsible for damage to your vehicle or valuables inside.