AZAL is taking special measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

03 March 2020

March 3, 2020, Baku – Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC is disinfecting all civil aviation facilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

In particular, the following actions are taken by AZAL and Buta Airways:

  • After flights the aircraft are going through disinfection process with highly effective disinfectant liquids;
  • All AZAL and Buta Airways aircraft are equipped with universal precaution kits, protective masks and disinfectants;
  • HEPA air filters are periodically replaced at aircraft;
  • Cabin crew is trained on how to manage a passenger on board with suspected coronavirus infection.

Video on the measures taken on the boards of aircraft can be found on the link:

The following actions are taken at the international airports of Azerbaijan:

  • Disinfection of surfaces in check-in areas, lavatories, premises intended for passengers, as well as clothing and footwear of airport personnel engaged in servicing passengers and baggage is performed four times a day.
  • Checking the body temperatures of all arriving passengers in three steps with special devices is ensured;
  • A quarantine area has been provided for the aircraft with a passenger with suspected coronavirus infection. Special equipment that is used to service such aircraft is going through the necessary disinfection process.
  • A special room at the airport has been set up for immediately isolating passengers who have an elevated body temperature;
  • Ambulances are constantly on duty at the Baku airport for the transporting persons with suspected coronavirus to a specialized medical facility.

Video on the measures taken at the airport can be found on the link:

The following measures have been taken by Sky Catering, a company engaged in the supply of in-flight catering and aircraft cleaning:

  • Additional disinfection process of reusable onboard dishes is provided in the in-flight catering facility;
  • Disinfection of removable equipment and equipment used in transportation of in-flight catering is ensured;
  • If there is a passenger on board with suspected coronavirus infection, containers of in-flight catering with dishes and cutlery are subject to subsequent disinfection;
  • Staff is trained in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Video on the measures taken by Sky Catering can be found on the link:

All airlines flying to Heydar Aliyev International Airport have been instructed to ensure that passengers fill in a special questionnaire on their health condition, indicating passenger data, contacts in Azerbaijan and the number of his seat in the cabin and provide to officers of State Customs Committee upon arrival in Baku.

The above-mentioned measures allow to keep the situation under control and minimize the spread of coronavirus infection via the country’s air transport.

It should be noted that Heydar Aliyev International Airport has established an operational headquarters. Contact 24-hour hotline: (+994 12) 497 85 89 on all issues related to changes in flight schedules and other aviation procedures.

Press service of CJSC Azerbaijan Airlines