Things to prepare: Passport & boarding pass

Please prepare your passport and boarding pass for inspection when you enter security zone. You are required to undergo security screening and have your hand-carried luggage x-rayed.

Liquids, aerosols & gels in a plastic bag

You must put all your liquids and gels in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag (no larger than 20cm x 20cm). A limit of 1 plastic bag per passenger applies. Ask Security staff to provide you the plastic bag.

You may bring liquids and gels on-board for your personal care, but each container cannot hold more than 100-ml. They must not exceed a combined volume of 1-litre. Please note that a half-full 200-ml bottle still counts as 200-ml.

You can take with you a reasonable supply of dietetic foods, or medicines. Therefore, please bring a prescription for your medicine (the prescription must be released on English, Azerbaijan or Russian languages).

If you travel with a baby, a supply of baby food for the trip can be brought along in your hand baggage.

When it’s time the liquids to be scanned, you must place them in a tray separately.

Examples of liquids, aerosols & gels.

  • Drinks (E.g. water or juices)
  • Soups and sauces
  • Perfumes and deodorants (liquid or liquid-solid mixture)
  • Creams, balms, lotions and oils
  • Cosmetics (E.g. mascara or lip gloss)
  • Pastes (E.g. toothpaste)
  • Pressurised foams and sprays (E.g. shaving foam, hairspray or spray deodorants)
  • Gels (E.g. hair or shower gels)
  • Contact lens solution
  • Canned food with liquid content
  • Any other items of similar consistency

Remove your electronic devices from your bag

Phones, laptops, tablets and e-readers must be temporarily removed from your hand baggage. You must put them in a tray on the conveyor, along with your wallet, watch, belt, keys and pocket items.

Remove your outer wear

Please take off your outer wear - jacket, sweater, coat, hat and high-cut footwear and put them in a tray on the conveyor please put them in a tray on the conveyor.

Place your hand-carried luggage onto the conveyor belt.

Don't take any hazardous items with you

Most items are allowed in your hand baggage, except those on the list of hazardous items. Some items, like sharp or pointed objects, are only allowed to carry in your hold baggage.

Download the list of prohibited items in hand baggage1 MB (.pdf)

Proceed through the walkthrough metal detectors.

Please note that you may be subject to an enhanced security screening process, if required