Road to the city

Catch the express bus

Aero Express Line run around the clock. The travel time from the Airport to the last stop is 30 minutes. Travel time may be affected by local conditions and traffic.

On the Airport Express Line, the passengers are served by "Neoplan" branded buses produced by "MAN" company of Germany, that meets the up-to-date standards. The number of seats is 48 and the transportation of the standing passengers on the bus is not intended. Internet connection, mini-kitchen and double baggage section are available within the saloon of the bus.

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Take a taxi

You can order Official Taxi service with "Marshals" of taxi operators outside the Terminal 1 (2nd line) in an official taxi pick-up area.

When you exit the Terminal follow the signs "Official Taxi" on road panels and asphalt.

We strongly recommend you to use the services of official taxi operators in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

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