Baggage reclaim

Go to the baggage claim area

Check the screens to see which baggage belt is being used for your flight, please check the nearby information displays. There are also free trolleys prepared for you.

Odd-size baggage

Odd-size baggage – like bicycles comes out from a separate room located at the baggage reclaim area, behinds the lifts. All odd-size baggages put down on the special assigned area on the floor.

Where's my baggage?

It can sometimes take a while before your baggage appears on the baggage belt. If it doesn’t arrive, please go to Lost & Found desk located behind the lifts.

E- mail: lost&

Phone: +994 12 497-26-00 ext.: 78-80

Cell: +994 77 700 87 03; +994 50 246 10 69