Payment Terminal

The Payment Terminals are in the following locations.

The Main Exit from Terminal 1 (landside) Map.

Smoking Cabins

Smoking Cabins are located inside and outside the terminal building. It is convenient for smokers to know where they can relax.

Location of the Smoking Cabins

3rd Floor




1st Floor




1st Floor

Exit from Terminal



Prayer Room

The prayers room is located at the departure hall (after Passport Control Counters, 3rd floor). Ablution rooms (a washing space for use before praying) are located in Duty-free Shops area.

Donation Boxes

The donation boxes are in the following locations.

In Duty-Free Shops (airside) Map

Baggage Reclaim area (airside) Map

Salam Servis

Group of «Salam Services» provides the conditions for more comfortable passing the preflight/postflight procedures.

Take advantages of our services:

  • Salam Gold
  • Salam Gold +
  • Salam Platinum


Service Hours

Contact Information

VIP Aviation Services

24 hours

(+994 12) 497 27 72


VAT Refund

The VAT Refund counter is located in 1st Floor, Zone A, Desk 1

More information about VAT Refund at the Airport you can find at


You can find toilets at all areas of the Terminal 1 building.

Baggage Wrapping

Baggage wrapping service is available and located at check-in section in Zone A and B, 1st floor. In this way, by wrapping baggage with special plastic foil you can protect your personal belongings from damage and thus avoid most problems with baggage during transport. The price of this service is 5 AZN.


The Library in Terminal 1 is unique place where you can feel through book culture of different nations. Here before or between flights you can find books that suit for you. While you are waiting for your flight in Heydar Aliyev International Airport feel free to take the book to read. And we appreciate if you return the book after reading on the shelf in the library.

Located at departure hall of Terminal 1 (airside), near Xurcun café.

Spectators Area

The Spectators Area is an open, attractive and spacious area that allows customers to get a close view of arriving passengers in baggage reclaim area.

Pharmacy Vending Machines

Pharmacy vending machines can be found in various locations in the terminal. (Departure and Arrival)

Electronic Charging Station

Today we can’t imagine our life without electronic devices. We understand how important these devices during departure, arrival and transfer.

Therefore, we have Electronic Changing Station for cell phones, smartphones, tablet or portable computer. There are many Electronic Charging Stations, at departure, 3rd floor (airside)

Portable Water

The Portable Water Fountains are in the following locations.

Departure, 3rd Floor (airside).

Drink & Snacks Vending Machines

Drink & Snacks vending machines can be found in various locations in the terminal.

Sleeping pods

Inspired by an airline business class seat, GoSleep is a state-of-the-art chair that converts into a Sleeping Pod with a 180° fold-flat bed.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the stylish GoSleep Pod is easy to operate and features a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade that cocoons the user from light and crowds. Intended for sleep, the Pods offer peace and relaxation as well as privacy within the busy airport environment.

The Sleeping Pods include generous and secure storage for luggage and other valuables, and allows customers to charge their laptops, mobile telephones, and other electronic devices – along with Internet access via optional tablet PCs.

Sleeping Pods are currently available in the 3rd Floor (airside) at Departure area, Terminal 1.