Baby Care Room

Baby Care Room is equipped with necessary equipment to look after the babies. You can find a diaper changing table, hot & cold water, sofas and tables.


3rd Floor


4th Floor


Multipurpose Toilets

All restrooms have multipurpose toilets.

Multipurpose toilets allow comfortable use for a wide range of customers, including wheelchair users, elderly persons and customers with infants. These toilets are equipped with a variety of facilities, such as a diaper changing table, a changing platform, as well as an emergency button to contact the Disaster Control Center in the case of an emergency.

Diaper Changing Tables

Diaper changing tables are provided in the multipurpose toilets and Baby Care Room.

Baby Chairs

You can find baby chairs in all Cafes & Bars at departure (landside, airside), also in the resting area located after passport control.

Children’s Playground

The Children’s Playground’ Corner is located in the departure hall on the 3rd floor.

Only customers who have gone through the passport control procedure may use this facility.

For use of this facility, a parent or adult guardian is required to accompany children for their safety.