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Security & customs

Do not take any items from strangers for storage, transfer or carriage on board an aircraft. Do not leave your baggage and carry-on luggage unattended or to unfamiliar citizens.

Please, inform police officers, security services or other airport employees in the hall about all unclaimed items found at the airport, without touching them. All airport employees wear uniforms and have airport staff badges.

If you witness illegal actions or has information about threats to citizens’ life and health or the safety of the airport, please, report it to any police officer or security service employee in the hall.

For your safety, inspection of all incoming persons, as well as all their items, is conducted when entering the terminals of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport. In this regard, we ask you to plan your time and arrive at the airport in advance.



The following objects are strictly forbidden in your registered luggage for safety reasons:






Corrosive substances


Objects that can be placed in your registered luggage but are strictly forbidden as carry-on luggage:


Cold guns


Objects that can be placed in your registered luggage and carried on-board: 

Toilet articles: perfumes, aerosols

Matches, lighters


Bringing dangerous objects on-board is illegal and offenders may be subject to prosecution or fines.

Customs regulations

  • Foreign currency is subject to declaration upon arrival (included on the declaration).
  • Transport of personal belongings is not subject to any duties: up to 125 grams of caviar, three blocks of cigarettes, 5 liters of alcoholic beverages in containers designed for retail by volume of not more than 70% and medicines as required.
  • The export of any antique items (including gems, coins and other works of art) without the permission of relevant bodies is prohibited.
  • The import of narcotic substances, weapons and ammunition (except those for which there is a permit), literature and video material insulting the morality and laws of the country is prohibited.

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